Mallory Rae Murphy
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Just Added On: 09/20/2010

To tell you the truth we didnt know what we were going to do with this hot babe Mallory Rae Murphy when she walked in. Her hot ass body had so many options, and those TITS! Well, if you're here, you're not blind so you can figure it out. We figured, we might as well strart from the top
Just Added On: 05/17/2010
Lily Labeau, 19 yo
Another day, another throatjob star for our man to gag with his monster dong. Lily Labeau is a star in the making. This girl could suck a 2 foot garden hose down her throat and not even gag! But we know just how to put her back in her place...she begs for mercy from the throat pounding we throw on her.
Just Added On: 05/17/2010
Madison Ivy, 19 yo
Sexy Madison Ivy is back with a new look and a new attitude. She is looking more gorgeous than ever. She is a filthy slut who likes nothing better than getting her throat stuffed with a big cock. This cum slut gobbled cock like she was born to do it, and gagged just like a good girl should.
Just Added On: 04/12/2010
Lyla, 19 yo
Lyla loves to get extreme throat jobs by a hard cock. She gives our boy the perfect target! We test her gag reflex and hit the magic button more than once. You think that stops her..Who gives a shit?! We're not!
Just Added On: 03/22/2010
Tessa Taylor, 19 yo
In this episode Tessa Taylor takes it as rough as we can give it to her. We fucked this whore's face till her eyes almost popped out of its sockets. You gotta see this throatjob action.

The No-Hands Job This is your basic face fucking. The slut opens wide and the stud proceeds to fuck her face, no hands involved. Pretty Straightforward.

Nose Pinch Job
A new kid on the block, but quickly gaining popularity in the porn world. While shes sucking, the guy holds her nose.

The Rocking Chair
This one is basically a deep throat fucking that is repeated over and over again. The girl looks like shes on a rocking chair as she moves on and off his cock.

The Deep Reverse
Also known as the oil drille, this one consists of the guy drilling his cock directly down into the girls throat. Resembles an oil drill with its up and down motion.

The ToothBrush
It is what it says...the guy takes his cocks and fucks her face from the side as if he was brushing her teeth with his dong. A crowd favorite..

The Smell My Nads
This is basically any blowjob that results in the guys nuts resting on the sluts nose. Even better when the guy avoids showering for a couple days, nice and funky :)


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